Friday, January 18, 2008

...some are concentrated, ...some just bored

Some photos I took last year during a concert in Lübek

...for Judith

...for Matthias

father & daughter

...and that's the reason why ...Lukas, the son

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The second christmas-day

On the 25th I was visiting my good friend Hans-Georg Behr, who is living in Hamburg.
He just survived his third stroke and though his body is half paralysed, his mind is clear and I always wonder how much of his life is still very present in his head. He's author, writer and hemp-expert, and I get the feeling he knows everyone in the world, at least met most of the important people in his time, though he spent a long time of his life in India.
Some of his books are: "Almost a Childhood: Growing Up Among the Nazis", "Die Moguln: Macht und Pracht der indischen Kaiser von 1369-1857", "Nepal", "Die Moguln", "Weltmacht Droge: Das Geschäft mit der sucht", "Von Hanf ist die Rede: Kultur und Politik einer Pflanze", "Drogenpolitik in der Bundesrepublik", "Die österreichische Provokation: Ein Mahnruf für Deutsche", "Söhne der Wüste: Kalifen, Händler und Gelehrte", "Organisiertes Verbrechen", "Unsere Unterwelten", "Haschisch-kochbuch", "Werbung um Antigone: Eine abendfüllende Jause", and so on...

The 24th in Lübek

I had a wonderful christmas with my sister and her three children